Eternal Glasses

Free replacements for Life!

About Us

The Big Idea

Eternal Glasses is a company that was created to provide consumers with inexpensive, but high quality sunglasses. We use many of the same high quality materials that the designer name companies use, but ours are a fraction of the cost. In addition, we offer unlimited, free replacements for life for any glasses that are defective or break - no questions asked: if they break, we will replace them an unlimited number of times.


Pay a fraction of the price for the same high quality as brand names. We offer free shipping on orders over $50! Unlimited, free replacement glasses for life! 


Our sports sunglasses come in a variety of colors and include five interchangeable lenses. The adjustable nose piece ensures a snug fit, perfect for those who live an active lifestyle.


We offer fashion styled sunglasses for both men and women. Our styles are high quality, yet affordable.


Solid Brand

I bought two pairs of glasses three years ago and they are both decent, solid glasses for the money. I broke one pair(sat on them) and the free exchange warranty process was quick and easy. I recommend EG for both the quality of the glasses and the professionalism of the customer service.

Great Fundraisers

We used EG as a fundraiser for our soccer club this spring and raised over $7,000! Best fundraiser we've ever done by far.

5 Stars

Love the glasses, excellent value for the money. I own three pairs.


I'm a big fan of EG glasses. I'm an ambassador and get great discounts.